Why build business solutions from scratch or buy off the shelf software? Conserve budget and realize the benefits of rapid solution roll-outs. Lansare.Insight is our platform for delivering highly tailored web applications quickly and cost-effectively. Lansare.Insight consists of infrastructure, tools and services designed to aggregate data, manage users and security, and deliver ready access to reports, alerts and analysis. That means you get a customized experience and maximum return on investment.

Core Features

Data Aggregation

powerful import/export and data validation engine


experience the power of custom dashboards with alerts, charts and reports


security, reliability and redundancy with no need to acquire hardware or software



  • load and validate any structured data
  • export data to Excel or downstream data to external systems
  • deploy dashboards tailored to each user group
  • deliver custom reports, alerts, and analysis
  • control user access via single sign-on


  • quickly implemented with unlimited flexibility
  • financial grade security, redundancy and reliability
  • low setup and flat monthly fees for easy budgeting
  • constant innovation and persistent availability
  • ongoing service from an experienced, dedicated team