Lansare Verify

Streamline your risk assessment process

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Surveillance Portal

Mitigate compliance risk              

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Generate in good order forms          

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Manage documents online            

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Client & Advisor Portals

Access detailed account information

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Optimize your risk assessment and vendor due diligence program with Lansare.Verify

Verify is a cloud-based solution for managing cybersecurity and information security risk. Verify will streamline the information gathering process, assist in the identification and remediation of critical risks, and help you achieve maximum benefit from your risk assessment program.

  • Supports collaboration during all assessment phases

  • Provides actionable information via alerts, activity and outstanding item lists

  • Enhances productivity and simplifies managerial oversight


  • Collaboration tools streamline how you gather and share information on security risks

  • Executive dashboard provides insight into your overall risk management process

  • Integrated calendar, alerts and notifications help your team prioritize work in process


  • Create repeatable risk assessment processes across your entire vendor landscape

  • Derive maximum value out of existing budget and resources

  • Provide evidence of oversight and supervision

Functional Overview


Surveillance Portal

Manage post-sale monitoring and surveillance with confidence.

Our surveillance portal is a hosted application designed to place actionable information and analysis at your fingertips. Your team will have access to reports, alerts and analysis tailored to your exact business needs.

  • Supports multiple security and annuity products for broad-based surveillance

  • Dashboards, alerts, and reports tailored to your needs

  • Quickly implemented with low impact on your IT team


  • Implement custom alerts and track any risky behavior

  • Create and manage cases easily and efficiently

  • Generate tailored reports for targeted analysis

  • Provide evidence of oversight and supervision

  • Support for multiple security and annuity products


  • Quickly implemented with unlimited flexibility

  • Financial grade security, redundancy and scalability

  • Low setup cost and flat monthly fees for easy budgeting

  • Constant innovation and persistent availability

  • Ongoing service from an experienced, dedicated team


Generate in good order forms

Streamline sales and service activities for clients and advisors with Insight.Forms, our in good order forms generation engine.

  • Ensures electronic forms and applications are accurate and complete

  • Stores data for reporting, analysis, and workflow processing

  • Multilingual capable

In Good Order Applications

  • Create on-screen controls to populate form fields

  • Define rules prompting for data entry of required information

  • Data is retained within an independent database

  • Import or export data to other systems

  • Multilingual capabilities

Multiple Forms Management

  • Administer data elements of multiple forms at once

  • Define metadata allowing different forms to be selected based on multiple criteria

  • Combine multiple forms into a single packet of information

  • Manage forms in multiple languages


  • Create and manage cases easily and efficiently

  • Display screens and questions based on forms

  • Generate workflows based on other business processes which may be standalone

  • Manage workflows asynchronously or in conjunction with other workflows


Centralize documents securely online


  • Browse or maintain documents with a simple user interface

  • Add custom metadata to each document

  • Store any document type

  • Provide evidence of oversight and supervision

  • Control document access with rights-based user access at the document and folder level


  • Drive completion of document related workflow

  • Provides version control and audit trail of upload history

  • Integrates with Lansare solutions

  • Rich, web-service based API for integration with your environment

Clients & Advisors

Improve client and advisor satisfaction and deliver a customized user experience with Lansare's Client and Advisor Portals.


  • Share detailed account and transaction information

  • Provide clients with self-service capabilities

  • Alert and messaging features

  • On-demand statements and policy documents


  • Improves post-sale service and support

  • Integrates with Verify.Forms for error free document processing

  • Enables simulation of client or advisor user experience for streamlined support